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So a recap of 30 days project

2 Jul

SO that last post wraps up the 30 days project. This time is the first time I’ve actually really finished the project– the first year was a jumpstart for CCS, but I found I wasn’t able to really keep up.

I mostly posted on a schedule this year excepting for two periods where I was too sick to scan/post.

In fact, writing this I am fighting off some pretty hefty fatigue.
In any case, I’d say this year’s exercise was helpful, and I’m going to try to continue it, although at a reduced pace indefinitely. I’m thinking I’ll try to do two watercolour/regular colour sketches a week from now on, although I don’t know about posting dates. I can tell that even in these rough sketches, which were all done on various bits of watercolour paper scrap in my studio, my colour sense is getting a lot better. I think even some of my linework improved, although it’s hard to tell because of all the other work (commercial and personal) I’ve been doing concurrently.

In the next few weeks I’m going to be in and out of town, finally getting back to the ocean for a bit and out– so things will probably be sporadic here on the site. I’m hoping to post a couple of previews of the stuff I have in the works for SPX though, so that should be good. Also if the stars align, the store should begin to work in the next couple weeks. I’m going to be selling all of the little sketchpaintings I did this month, so if you’re into one, they’ll go for pretty cheap. most of them will work pretty well as tags, ex-libris book plates or bookmarks. I wouldn’t frame them or anything, but they’re a fun thing to make your luggage/backpack look cool.


Final Three Days of 30

2 Jul

30days28 30Days29 30Days30

27 de 30

27 Jun




26 Jun

30days26weird bit of watercolor odd+end= perfect book plate.


Day 25/30

25 Jun

30days25Because it took me so long to update last week’s sketches, here’s today’s sketch early.


Massive Post! Days 19-24

25 Jun

So life has been harder to deal with than usual over the last week and half or so.
I had to stop uploading for a bit– although I didn’t stop working.
Here’s a massive post containing those days.¬†30days22 30days20 20Days21 20days1930days23 30Days24

18 of 30

19 Jun

30days_18Sentient volcano eats shipping. I know, everyone draws this. Oh well.


17 of 30

18 Jun

30days_17started playing FTL again yesterday. This is what I did after I died trying for that effing crystal ship… AGAIN.


14-15-16 of 30

17 Jun

30days_14 30Days15 30Days16Life and my brain once again got mad at eachother, so I was late posting these things. The last one depicts something… from one of my nightmares. They are what, diarrhea¬†gnomes? Shit sprites? whatever they are, they are awful.


13 of 30

14 Jun

30days_13Started listening to “Moby Dick,” read by a guy with a very accurate downeast/new englander accent. His Irish and Amerindian¬†pronunciations aren’t so wonderful, but this is good drawing background sounds I think.